Mirrlees Park

MAN Energy Solutions vision is to turn 53 acres (21.5 hectares) of privately owned land to the rear of its headquarters in Hazel Grove, Stockport into a new informal Country Park through the development of a further 11 acres (4.5 hectares) for 150 new homes.

Whilst there are some rights of way across the land, the vision would enable unfettered access open of the land to families, children, walkers, runners and cyclists and provide greater flexibility in the way the land can be used by local schools, scouts and cubs and other youth groups as well as staff and patients at nearby Stepping Hill Hospital.

Subject to planning permission for the new homes and from the subsequent sale of the 11 acre development plot to a housebuilder, 53 acres of privately owned land currently would be transferred to a Community Trust or similar body and held in perpetuity for the community. In addition to the land, the Trust would also receive funding for the long-term protection, management and enhancement of the new park.

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